The 8 combat veterans participating in the study are as follows:

Vietnam V-2 (male, age 73, Vietnam Army veteran, DX:   PTSD)

Vietnam V-4  (male, age 66, Vietnam Army veteran, DX:  PTSD)

Gulf War 1 GW-1 (male, age 42, Gulf War Army veteran, DX:  PTSD)

Gulf War 2 GW-2 (male, age 47, Gulf War Army veteran, DX:  PTSD/mTBI)

Gulf War 3 GW-3 (male, age 34, Gulf War Marine, DX: PTSD/mTBI)

Iraq-Afganistan 1  IA-1 (female, age 54, Iraq/Afganistan Army veteran, DX:  PTSD/mTBI)

Iraq-Afganistan 2  IA-2 (female, age 36, Iraq/Afganistian Army veteran, DX: PTSD)

Iraq-Afganistan 3 IA-3 (male, age 54, Army Reserve and Iraq/Afganistian Army veteran, DX:  PTSD/mTBI)


Maps and Map Comparisons for each veteran are presented in the following order: