The Theory Corner is dedicated to exploring theories and issues related to the practice of neurofeedback. We invite researchers and clinicians to review existing theories and freely speculate on alternative methods and approaches that could advance the field. We also welcome commentaries on controversial issues and policies that affect the everyday practice of Neurofeedback and adjunctive methodologies.

In this publishing cycle we invited John Hummer, a Ph.D. psychologist, clinician, and Neurofeedback practitioner who has been working in the Veterans Administration for many years, to comment on his experiences related to his efforts to introduce neurofeedback to this clinical environment. Many clinicians express an active interest in attempting to work with veterans at the V.A. but may be underestimating the challenges before them. John provides a sobering picture of what they may encounter should they choose to engage the V.A. with their vision and perhaps a guide to potential pitfalls that may await them.

Idealistic practitioner aspirations of introducing qEEG and Neurofeedback into the VA Healthcare System are well-intentioned, but naive and wasted effort